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The Beltrone Living Center, exceeding expectations

Special to the Spotlight by Edward Neary, Executive Director, Colonie Senior Service Centers, Inc.

Not only is The Beltrone Living Center celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, it is celebrating its well-earned standing as one of the most successful senior communities in the Capital Region!

“When the Beltrone Living Center was in the early planning stages nearly 20 years ago, the intention of Colonie Senior Service Centers, Inc. (CSSC) was to provide a top quality apartment facility for seniors to live independently with services available as needs and situations changed,” said Edward Neary, Executive Director of CSSC, Inc. “Here we are ten years later and The Beltrone Living Center is the place to be, right in the heart of the Capital Region.”

Originally envisioned as an independent senior living residence connected to a vibrant senior center, the Beltrone Living Center integrates the comfort and convenience of residential services with a senior center approach that promoted an active and healthy lifestyle for seniors.

From the beginning, Beltrone residents have enjoyed easy access to all of the comprehensive programs and services of CSSC. The town’s senior center, located in the Beltrone Living Center serves all residents of the Town of Colonie with programs and services from transportation to health and wellness activities to caregiver resources. In addition, located within the Center are the Town’s Senior Resources Department and the Town Nurse.

Through the years, the amenities, program offerings and services available to the residents of the Beltrone Living Center have grown considerably. Different from other senior housing options in the Capital Region, this unique approach, offering senior housing and an engaging and lively senior center together in the same place, has grown as the Beltrone Living Center has substantially augmented amenities over the last few years with Ciccotti Center membership, discounted cable/internet/phone service, auto-pay options, a flexible evening dining plan and even a physical therapist on site for balance and falls prevention programs. These new benefits, in addition to the expanding programs and services of Colonie Senior Service Centers (a computer lab, Driver Fitness Center, Financial Literacy Resource Center, and veterans programs), have created a vibrant, active senior community in a social setting. This innovative, flexible approach facilitates easy and graceful transitions as needs change, while allowing residents to choose which activities or services they need or want.

Residents at the Beltrone Living Center agree. “Perfect location! Close to family, so many pluses” (Lois W.) “Freedom and relaxation with tons of activities and no snow shoveling!” . . . Lovely people and wonderful staff.” (Joe O.) Moving here “changed my life, I’m not secluded, always someone around and something to do.” (Rosemarie C.) . . . “The best of all worlds, you can be social or private—it answers all my needs!” (Helen S.) “When Beltrone opened its doors on the south end and I moved in on that date, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made . . . I can’t think of a more desirable place to call home at this stage in my life.” (Jean M.)

To commemorate this important anniversary the Beltrone community, including members of the senior community, the Town of Colonie and the building residents and their families, has created the 10th Anniversary Garden. Located at the north end of Beltrone Living Center, the garden design, created by Jack Faddegon of Faddegon’s Nursery, has transformed an open space into a beautiful verdant paradise with winding pathways, a gazebo, and benches. It is filled with native shrubs, lush perennials and colorful blooms throughout the growing season, as well as seasonal interest throughout the fall and winter. The garden will be here for future generations of seniors and their families and loved ones to enjoy no matter the season.

Colonie Senior Service Centers is grateful to the senior residents, their families and the many community leaders and businesses that have helped to make the Beltrone Living Center such a successful residence for seniors.

“It’s better at Beltrone, it is a wonderful place full of great people and good times!”